Books of Memory

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Memory Bank BookA Book of Memory is the most economical way to acknowledge a large number of contributors in a minimum amount of space. The Book of Memory can be displayed with just a few pages of names and additional pages can be added at a later date. Front cover and pages are fabricated with MetalGraph plates in goldtone or silvertone. The image is reproduced permanently in the anodized aluminum plate which cannot chip, peel, fade, tarnish or corrode.

Photographs or line illustrations and text can be reproduced on the front cover or on the inside of the cover door.


Books of Memory are available in two sizes:

(1) Series 706002 - Small Book for accommodating up to 1,200 names
(2) Series 706001 - Large Book for up to 3,600 names

Case constructed with heavy gauge aluminum with 6 sturdy swinging leaves for holding pages. 12 MetalGraph pages are attached to each side of leaves. Optional inside cover also available for Special Recognition.