Message Boards

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Postal-Board-Opened Message Boards, sometimes referred to as a Readerboard, can be an excellent venue for a business, school or church with help in promoting a short-term message. These displays are a call to action. They have the power to turn a passerby into a customer. Many businesses promote messages on a weekly or even daily basis.  

Make your display boards attractive, functional, and secure with our stylish and durable satin anodized silver, bronze, or gold duranodic framed Convertible Cork/Felt Letter Boards. All units have lockable doors and a shatterproof acrylic window.

 Illuminated and damage resistant, our Exterior Single or Double Sided Message Boards are designed to withstand the elements! Ideal for churches, civic centers, hospitals, museums, etc., to display important and timely information to patrons and visitors. Available in both lawn and wall-mounted versions, these changeable letter boards are completely weatherproof and easy to use.

Zax can provide many custom sizes and expert help on these Letter Boards.

Please see our online signage catalog for a complete listing of features and specifications.