About Zax Corp

     For more than fifty years, Zax has been providing architectural signage and custom donor recognition products to organizations and businesses across the United States and Canada. We take great pride in our uncompromising craftsmanship, quality, and service.
Churches, universities, hospitals, schools and a myriad of other businesses and organizations have looked to Zax to design and custom-create distinctive displays to recognize their contributors in an elegant and permanent way.
Each Zax product is a unique combination of element and design, created to meet your specific need and setting.
We thank you for reviewing our product line. If there is anything that you do not see here, please contact us, we will be happy to discuss it with you. We specialize in quality custom recognition products, they are an example of what our staff, in partnership with you can create.

We Are About Solutions

Zax offers hundreds of fundraising and donor recognition solutions to meet any and all customer needs. In addition to a wide range of product solutions and superior craftsmanship Zax also offers a valuable non-product benefit to their customers, consultation.
After being in business for over 50 years Zax has extensive experience in successfully planning and executing fundraising campaigns. Zax has learned that a successful fundraising campaign is directly related to the combination of smart planning and superior quality products. Zax does more than simply provide products; Zax consults with their customers and helps to plan a campaign which might include the following:
  • Fundraising Pyramid Plan
  • Plan a Major Milestones Timeline
  • Plan for publicizing goals and objectives of the campaign
  • Plan to keep donors posted on progress
  • Plan to show appreciation to donors
This is a unique benefit Zax offers to their customers, to find out more about how Zax can help you plan a successful fundraising campaign, please contact us.

Success Stories

Zax has helped hundreds of customers exceed their fundraising goals. Zax helps customers all over the country with their fundraising needs. Below are some examples of the Zax success stories.
A Church in Pennsylvania hires Zax to reconfigure their donor board. The reason being that after it was originally completed an anonymous donor wanted to be added. Once Zax finished this reconfiguration the donor contributed $40,000!
A monastery in North Dakota needed Zax’s consultation for window refurbishment. Zax designed a product for the monastery along with a brochure that was sent out. Thanks to Zax providing these fundraising tools the monastery raised $115,000!
A church in South Carolina announced a campaign with a donor tree from Zax. Before they even put the tree up, $75,000 was raised!

Our Commitment

We at Zax are committed to your 100% satisfaction. If ever you have a concern, just let us know and we will give it our immediate attention.
Thank you for looking over our website, and for the privilege of serving your signage and recognition product needs.
We look forward to working with you.
The Zax Team