Memorial plaques come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and materials. No matter which you choose, a memorial plaque from Zax is a fantastic way to ensure a memory lives on.

Bronze Plaques

Bronze Plaques are traditionally regarded as the ultimate honor for commemorative memorial and donor recognition. Nothing surpasses the elegance of solid cast bronze or aluminum. These handsome tablets, with their distinctive raised letters, are a lifetime remembrance. Whether placed indoors or out, the surface slowly ages and becomes more beautiful over time.
Zax offers a variety of cast bronze plaques: Stations of the Cross; Patriotic Tributes; Religious Tributes; and Emergency Service Tributes.

SandGraph on MarbleGraph

Zax’s new state-of-the-art SandGraph process carves your logo, camera-ready artwork, or custom type style into our premium MarbleGraph material, making stunning memorials.
Photo images can be reproduced using any black and white or colored photograph. Submit camera-ready artwork if you wish to include a logo or unique typestyle. MarbleGraph panels are suitable for interior and exterior applications.

Machine Engraved MarbleGraph

Machine engraved MarbleGraph awards are truly outstanding expressions of recognition to be valued forever. Every Zax Machine Engraved MarbleGraph plaque is given four unique sandings and four hand polishings — resulting in an impressive jewel-like finish which is recognized as very good.

Woodgrain Add-On Donor

Woodgrain Add-On Donor Plaques are a very popular choice for many organizations who are seeking both quality and economy.

MetalGraph Plaque

Recognize past contributors with a wood-mounted, multi-name MetalGraph memorial, featuring glass-smooth surface, razor-sharp type, and dense black lines — a truly distinctive look.
Zax has 10 styles of this virtually indestructible Memorial Plaque to choose from.

Metalam Add-On Donor

Metalam Donor Plaques offer a classic brass image at an economical price. These items prove to be a useful tool in enhancing the success of your fundraising efforts. Donors see your elegant expression of gratitude and respect. Potential donors see an opportunity to be included and recognized early on, making these very effective.
Display any photograph or logo on a beautiful gold or silver-tone MetalGraph Plate.
Recognize past contributors with a wood-mounted MetalGraph plaque featuring glass-smooth surface, razor-sharp type, and dense black lines — a truly distinguished look.
Zax’s MetalGraph process can reproduce virtually any image on a gold or silver tone, .020″ thick, anodized aluminum plate that is sealed for a lasting finish. The distinguished looking black image is permanent, fade and weather resistant. Ask about “Sun Fast” plates for exterior use. These beautiful and durable plates will not chip, fade, crack, peel or tarnish.
For that added distinction you wish to offer certain special donors, mount your .020″ thick MetalGraph plate on an Oak or Walnut wooden panel. This sturdy and elegant look is available in varying sizes (up to 11″ x 14″ on 3/4″ thick wood, larger plates are mounted to 1-1/2″ thick wood to resist warping).
Please see our online donor recognition catalog for more complete listings.