There is no better incentive for continued achievement than the recognition of past performance.
Enhance employee morale and satisfaction by recognizing their efforts and contributions in a handsome and affordable way. Choose from our selection of donor award plaques, wall or desk clocks, or medallion awards. These quality awards are a beautiful and appropriate way to express your appreciation.
For monthly achievement, choose the Monthly Star Plaque. It’s 12 plates are for adding your team members’ names monthly. The additional plate can display a logo, dedication, or description. For Zax Monthly Engraving, just send blank plates back to Zax. Zax will return them promptly, prepaid, with one line engraved in the “One Stroke” type style (see below for visual display) which matches your other plates.
For individual performance and excellence, there are many options. Choose from the Individual Star Plaque, Star Paperweight or Star Trophy. Make a notable impression. Star Trophies are mounted to genuine black Italian marble. Star Plaques are on American Walnut, hand-rubbed for a smooth and solid finish.
Who wouldn’t want to receive one of these eye-catching awards? Whether on a plaque, pin, or paperweight, all stars are 24 karat gold electroplated for quality and distinction.