ZAX Virtual Book of Memory

For over 60 years we have manufactured thousands of our Books. Many of you already purchased and have frequently updated them and even purchased additional ones for new campaigns. For those currently contemplating a Book purchase. Here is a great opportunity!
We wanted to make your beautiful book accessible to all of your supporters including those unable to see it in person.


We are now making our books even friendlier. Our new Virtual Books can be added to your website so that your donors can view them and add their names. We will then update them for you on a monthly basis.
By placing the Book on your site you can increase your potential contributions and make the Book available for all your supporters to view.

Now you have choices!

♦ Traditional Books - Large and small priced by size (Save 10% on new orders)
♦ Virtual Book of Memory - $1295 (includes a year of updates)
♦ Combine a Traditional Book along with Virtual Book - 50% off Virtual Book

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The 50% off a Virtual Book is available to customers purchasing a new Book of Memory. 50% off the Virtual is not available for past orders.

Click on Image to Open Sample Book