Zax Corp is more than Donor Recognition Products

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Yes, we may be the largest engraving and donor recognition products supplier in New England. However, we are also fantastic fundraising advisors, with over 50 years in this business. Many of our popular products as you can see are designed to be built upon, added to. Engraved products like the Trees of Life, Books of Memory, Donor Recognition plaques, all can be added too. Making them ongoing fundraising tools.
We have been helping people and organizations for recognizing and thank their donors for over 65 years. We have thousands of satisfied customers: each one receiving highly individualized attention from us throughout our relationship.


Our major customers include:

Thousands of Churches across the US and Canada
The US Army, Navy, Marines, and Air Force
Over 500 High schools, prep schools, colleges and universities
Boys and Girls Clubs.

See why we are different.

We can help you develop a successful fundraising program applying techniques used by our other successful customers.
90% of our customers exceed their fundraising target.

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